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Protocols for 2022-2023 Season

While the Provincial mask requirements have been lifted, this Nick Smith Centre remains a mask friendly space. Discrimination for those choosing to wear a mask will not be tolerated. Public Health states that masks should be work if:
- you feel it is right for you
- you are at high risk for severe illness
- you are recovering from COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19
- you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19

People must follow Public Health guidelines for isolation regarding positive testing, symptoms and/or living with someone that is positive or with symptoms. The requirements for isolation varies depending on different factors including, but not limited to vaccination status. The Provincial Self-Assessment Tool should be used to determine the appropriate steps required -
- Source:

As we required throughout COVID, spitting and dispelling bodily fluids on the benches and dressing rooms is prohibited.

Dressing Rooms
- Rooms will be left open this year. Keys will only be required if a team wishes to lock their room.

- Rooms will be available 30 minutes before their ice time and must depart within 20 minutes after coming off the ice. This will give us enough time to clean the room before the next group.
- Last season, we had some issues with visiting teams arriving 45-60+ minutes before their game time. We cannot provide them rooms this early (home or away teams). If this issue persists this year, we will return to have keys be signed out at the front desk and keys not become available until 30 minutes before the ice time.
- Users must adhere to the dressing room assignments as outlined on the schedule outside each room.

Bench Access

Bench access is forbidden when the Zamboni is on the ice. When the fence/gate is closed across the Zamboni ramp, coaches must walk around.  The Zamboni area and ramp is strictly off limits.