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Jan 31, 2024 | Lisa Bramall | 597 views
HEO Bulletin 23/24-005 Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy – Effective February 1, 2024
Effective February 1, 2024 please read....

Back in October 2023, we advised everyone of Hockey Canada’s update to its dressing room policy (effective September 12, 2023). At that time HEO had not yet had the opportunity to review the changes to ensure that they were aligned with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Order that it must adhere to within the province.


Last week, HEO provided the newly updated Ontario Hockey Room Dressing Policy that will become effective tomorrowFebruary 1, 2024. The key differences between this policy and that of Hockey Canada are: an expanded definition of minimum attire for clarity, expanded options for arriving in minimum attire, and the flexibility around its implementation that is to be determined by each team (as player needs can vary). Historically, minimum attire requirement only came into play when an accommodation request was received. Now, the requirement exists without the need for an accommodation request to be received.


We would ask that all AMHA members, including bench staff and parents (or guardians), review the policy to fully inform themselves of all of the requirements that it contains.

-- Bulletin_23-24-005_Ontario_Dressing_Room_Policy_Effective_February_1_2024.pdf --


Why a Minimum Attire requirement?
 Privacy is an increasing need, especially among youth; many existing facilities have limited options; and minimum attire is a quick way to address lack of privacy.


The policy defines Minimum Attire as follows (see section 2.4):

Minimum Attire “is clothing or a base layer that covers the pelvic region (ideally coverage would be from waist to upper thigh but, at a minimum there needs to be coverage of the buttocks and genitalia) and the chest area of the participant. Ideally Minimum Attire above the waist should include clothing or a base layer covering most of the body between the neck and the waistline, it must, at a minimum, include clothing that covers most of the upper torso, such as a sports bra.”


In terms of Minimum Attire requirements, the policy specifies the following (see sections 5.1-
  • All participants are to use Minimum Attire for use of the Dressing Room or in Dressing Environments where more than one participant is present and the solutions for implementation will be determined by the Team.
  • It is the responsibility of all coaches and team staff to instruct players regarding the Minimum Attire and ensure that players have methods including but not limited to:

o   arriving at the rink wearing Minimum Attire;

o   utilizing an appropriate private space to change to Minimum Attire (e.g. private restroom stalls, empty dressing room etc.); or

o   using a towel to cover up while changing into Minimum Attire.

In addition to the Minimum Attire requirement, the policy also covers showering requirements, the Rule of Two requirement in relation to dressing room supervision, the prohibition of violent activities in dressing rooms, as well as the prohibition on recording in dressing rooms/environments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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