Trainer (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)


Responsibilities of a Trainer

  • A Certified Trainer must be present at each practice and on the bench at every game played by a team of the ODMHA. All certified trainers must write their assigned Trainer Number on all game sheets used in the ODMHA.
  • A trainer can refuse to allow any player from continuing to play in a game or practice if they have just cause. The trainer may not be overruled by the player, parent, or any team official including the coach.
  • Trainer may request Ontario Health Numbers but parents may or may not comply.
  • Any personal information obtained for the use of the trainer is confidential and cannot be distributed to anyone other than the parent, or medical staff for emergency use only.
  • In the event one of the two trainers is not present it must be noted on the game sheets and the game goes on. If the trainers for both teams are not present, for the game to be allowed to go on, there must be a qualified First Aid person identified to the Referee in the arena who will accept responsibility for both teams.
  • Trainers are asked to carry a helmet on the bench when playing in Ottawa arenas. Ottawa arenas require trainers to wear a helmet when they step on to the ice. Referees will not enforce this, however rink staff may.
  • ODMHA has stated that it is mandatory to have an adult in the dressing room at ALL times. They want 2 adults in the room at all times.