Dressing Room Policy (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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Hockey Canada has published an updated Dressing Room Policy that took effect on September 12, 2023. Specifically, and effectively immediately, the AMHA will be adopting the “minimum attire rule” as well as its “Rule of Two” requirements set out within the Policy. Basically, the Policy requires that all participants wear a “minimum attire” at all times in a dressing room, or in dressing environments, where more than one participant is present. This means that participants should arrive at the rink wearing a base layer (e.g., shorts and t-shirts, compression shorts, shirt or sports bra). A participant not arriving at the rink wearing their base layer can use an appropriate private space (e.g., private restroom stall or empty/unused dressing room) to change into their base lawyer and then re-enter the team dressing room with the other participants.


For older age groups, the “minimum attire” requirement is extended to the use of showers, and the recommended best practice is for players wishing to shower following a game or practice, and where private shower stalls are not available, to do so wearing “minimum attire” at all times, such as swimwear. Once again, players should use the private restroom to change in and out of their swimwear, etc.


It will be the responsibility of all coaches and bench staff to instruct players regarding this rule and ensure that players are complying with this Policy. The Policy further encourages coaches and bench staff to only engage in pre- and post-game talks when all players are present in the dressing room. That said, the AMHA is also adopting the “Rule of Two” from HC’s Dressing Room Policy which requires two trained and screened adults to be present in the dressing room or immediately outside the dressing room with the door propped open to monitor the environment and ensure that it is free of any discrimination, harassment, bullying or other forms of maltreatment or improper behaviour. The Rule of Two remains in place when showers are in use.


All members are encouraged to read the Policy at the link above or by visiting HC’s Safety Page where the Policy and frequently asked questions are available.