Ice Scheduling (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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Please ensure you review the  AMHA Yearly Ice Time Allotment Policy within the Policies area of the website.

AMHA makes every effort to keep expenses down and reduce the impact on registration fees, by utilizing all ice that has been paid for.

To assist with this effort: 

  • Please ensure you use the ice scheduled to you.

  • If you are unable to use a scheduled ice time, you must notify the AMHA Ice Director through this form AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance of the ice time.   If less than 2 weeks notice is given, this ice time will count against your team's yearly practice time allotment, regardless of circumstances (i.e. weather, illnesses, holidays, school events, etc.).  Team Managers may engage other team managers to canvas the possibility of an exchange of practice times.   Any agreed upon changes must be provided to the Ice Director so that the AMHA schedule can be updated accordingly.

    • Two-week prior notice will allow us to return the ice to the town if it can’t be reallocated.

  • All teams are welcome to buy additional ice at their own expense should they wish to do so. Teams should contact NSC for available ice times and then notify the AMHA Ice Director of their wish to purchase ice.  AMHA Ice Director shall book the ice and the AMHA Treasurer shall invoice the team for the ice.  

  • Teams are also encouraged to arrange shared ice with other teams in order to increase time on ice to avoid incurring additional expenses and to optimize ice time.  Any such changes must be accurately reflected on the AMHA website schedule so that the NSC may assign the appropriate number of dressing rooms.