Player Affiliation (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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  • As an important step in the development of players at all levels of hockey, AMHA believes strongly that players develop quicker when given the opportunity to play at higher levels so we believe in and encourage the affiliation process.
  • It is AMHA policy that a coach cannot deny a player the opportunity to affiliate.
  • Paperwork for the affiliated player must be 100% complete, including being registered as an affiliate by the registrar before a player may be called up for a practice or a game.
  • A player may only be affiliated with one team. Once affiliated with a team, the affiliation is for the season.
  • The higher level coach may or may not invite affiliate players to games or practices.
  • Due to low enrolment, anytime a team does not have 15 players plus goalie(s) on its roster, the team may call up properly registered affiliated players to fill its roster to a maximum of 15 skaters. Coaches may not stack a bench with affiliated players.
  • Where a team has a full roster of 15 players plus goalie(s), affiliated players MAY ONLY be used to replace injured, sick, suspended or absent players. That is, if your team has 15 players on its roster with 2 injured players, only 2 affiliated players may be called up.
  • Prior to any affiliated player being brought up to the higher level team for a game, the higher level coach must contact the lower level coach for the use of players. Not contacting the lower level coach will result in an automatic one game suspension to the higher level coach; the second offense is an automatic 3 game suspension and a 3rd offense will result in a season suspension.
  • Player priority is always given to the lower level team. If both teams are playing on the same day, the player must play for the lower level team, if both games can be accommodated the player may play both games.
  • AMHA believes strongly that a player affiliated to a higher level team SHOULD NOT be unreasonably denied the opportunity to play for the higher level team by the lower level team coach. Uncooperative coaches will find that this conduct will be considered if they were to apply for another coaching position within our organization.
  • No player's names may be added after January 15th to an affiliate list
  • If an affiliate plays more than 5 league or playoff games after January 10th, prior to the 6th game being played both teams coaches must contact the AMHA’s president for his/her approval for the player to continue to play at the higher level.
  • Once the 6th game is played after January 10th the player CANNOT return to the lower level team, but must remain ONLY as an affiliate at the higher level. Exhibition games and tournaments are excluded from this rule.
  • All suspensions given to the player are served with the lower level team, regardless of what team the player has incurred the suspension with.
  • When house league players are affiliating with competitive teams they may only affiliate with the lowest competitive category team for which they are eligible to affiliate to. Novice is the exception because they are not permitted to affiliate to competitive teams. 


NOTE: For this procedure we will refer to the team looking for the affiliate as Team A and the players primary team as Team B.
  1. The coach or manager of team A approaches team B’s coach or manager to find out:
  • Is the child available to affiliate?
  • What are the head coaches' thoughts of the abilities (mental and physical) of the player being affiliated?
  • Parent contact information 
  1. The coach or manager of team A approaches the players parents and asks if they would be willing to affiliate and attend practices and games if available and requested.
  • Note: Team A’s coach or manager must disclose at this time if there is or is not body contact at the higher level of game play.
  1. If all parties agree then the coach or manager of team A fills out the HEO Affiliation Permission Form (available at

  2. Once all information is updated and all parties (player; parents; coaches) have signed it, then team A submits the form to AMHA registrar.

  3. AMHA registrar will:
  • Finalize the processing of the form with his/her signature.
  • Forward to the district registrar for his/her signature.
  • Once approved and returned, AMHA registrar will update team A’s roster with the affiliated player (AP).
  • Provide an updated version of the roster to team A.
  1. Once team A receives the updated roster the AP is allowed to participate in practices and games.
  • NOTE: Team A’s manager or coach must have the AP sign the updated roster the first time the AP participates with Team A