Game Sheets/TTM/Clock Operators (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

PrintGame Sheets/TTM/Clock Operators

HEOMINOR game sheets must be used for ALL exhibition, league, and tournament games (UOVMHL).  AMHA Equipment Manager will provide a set of games sheets to each Manager at the beginning of the season, which are placed in everyone's locker.   

Pre-assigned Clock Operators and ScoreSheet Operators - NEW for 2022 Season

AMHA will have Paid pre-assigned Clock Operators and ScoreSheet Operators starting for the 2022-2023 season.   This will be provided to U11-U18 both Rep and House levels.

Managers are to have the ScoreSheets prepared along with the visiting team, with the game stickers.   Once completed Managers are to  bring the Scoresheet to the Clock Operator along with an AMHA Game Puck.   Once the game is complete please see the Clock Operator for the final signed game sheet and also provide a copy to Visiting Team.

Located Here is how a proper game sheet is filled out and all the pieces needed.

Key Items to Remember to enter as a Manager

  • Enter the start time of the game.

  • All players must be listed on the game sheet. (Stickers are acceptable).

  • UOVMHL game numbers must be included on the game sheet for league games.  You can find that Game # inside the AMHA Website Admin under "Manage Page Content", "Schedule & Results", it's listed in one of the columns.

  • All game sheets from all your home games must be submitted through UOV website for tracking suspensions and games served.

  • Once game is completed, game sheets cannot be altered by coaches / managers or there will be repercussions.

  • AMHA Convener's must be informed of any major, misconduct, game misconduct, gross misconduct, game ejections or match penalties.


How to Submit your Game sheet to UOV
It has been confirmed with the league that ALL game sheets are to be uploaded to the UOVMHL site only for (U11+).  Game sheets are NOT to be uploaded to TTM unless there is a Game Incident Report (GIR).

Navigate to the UOVMHL web site: and from the top menu select Managers followed by Upload Game Sheet(on a mobile device select Organization Menu first to locate the Managers menu).

In the Game Sheet section, click on the Select button to add the file you wish to upload. Files may be in PDF format or images. If submitting the form on a mobile device, you will be prompted whether you wish to use the camera to take a picture or to select one already in your camera roll. You may submit multiple images / files, but one must be of the game sheet in its entirety. 

Direct Link to House League Submissions here
Direct Link to Competitive League Submissions here

  • Submitting game sheets can be done right at the arena at the conclusion of a game! It can be a good practice to complete the results reporting as soon as a game is concluded and then immediately upload the game sheet, all from your mobile device. 
  • If using a mobile device to take images of the game sheet, ensure the image is clear and there is sufficient lighting. 
  • One image must be the game sheet in its entirety, but you may also consider taking closer images of each the home and away sides of the sheet.

Uploading to TTM
If a player or staff on your team is penalized with a Game Misconduct, Misconduct, Gross Misconduct, or Match penalty the team's manager is to submit a report including the game sheet on TTM. The official will also submit a report that will include a narrative. TTM will provide to the manager the number of games that the player/staff is to be suspended as it will calculate escalating sanctions if necessary. The only way to get this suspension information back is if the manager submits their report in TTM. If only the official submits a report, the player will still be suspended but the manager will not be told the number of games (but the manager will get an email reminder indicating that a game sheet needs their attention, which is the clue that the manager needs to submit the report on their end as well).