Game Sheets (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

PrintGame Sheets
What is required and process:
  • HEOMINOR game sheets must be used for ALL exhibition, league, and tournament games (UOVMHL).  AMHA Equipment Manager will provide a set of games sheets to each Manager at the beginning of the season.

  • Game sheets must be completely filled out, here is how a proper game sheet is filled out and all the parts needed.

Key Items to Remember

  • Scorekeepers are to print their names on the game sheet.
  • Enter the start and end time of the game.
  • All players must be listed on the game sheet.(Stickers are acceptable).
  • All suspensions must be listed on the game sheet.
  • UOVMHL game numbers must be included on the game sheet for league games.  Please reach out to your League Convener if you need to know where to go to get that information.
  • The original game sheet must be forwarded to the UOVMHL division convener listed here for all of your HOME Games.
  • All game sheets from all your home games and tournaments must be submitted to conveners for tracking suspensions and games served. This includes tournaments / exhibition or sanctioned games that your team attends.
  • The first page of the game sheets from home tournaments must be given to the Tournament Director immediately after the tournament for submitting to HEOMINOR.
  • Once game is completed, game sheets cannot be altered by coaches / managers or there will be repercussions.
  • AMHA Convener's must be informed of any major, misconduct, game misconduct, gross misconduct, game ejections or match penalties. One of the pages of the game sheet is to be dropped off in the AMHA mailbox within 24 hours of the conclusion of that game.