Reschedule Games (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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How to Reschedule Games: 
The purpose of this HOW TO is to ensure managers know how to reschedule games due to conflicts.

  1. Once a team is aware of a conflict with their teams schedules the manager of the home team must contact the manager of the visiting team and let them know they need to reschedule and ensure the visiting team is in agreeance with a change.
  2. If the visiting team is okay with a change the home manager must change the game within UOVMHL website tools to be selected as “to be rescheduled”.  Step by Step Procedure in doing this open attached file.
  3. Home manager must provide some additional ice times for the visiting team to choose from.
    1. First use any appropriate practice ice times your team has (league games cannot start before 6pm on weekdays).  If you use a practice time the original game date and time now becomes a practice time for you – this way you are not loosing any ice time as you are purely swapping ice times.
    2. If no acceptable practice ice times are available then contact the ice convener for additional ice times. ([email protected]) – Using this method your original game date my not be converted to a practice time.
  4. Once the visiting team has chosen the new ice time, the home manager must update the date and time within the UOVMHL website tools.
    • When changing a game on the website, be sure that you are not deleting games and adding new ones.  Rather manager's should edit the existing game so that an audit trail follows it based on the initially issued game number.
  5. Home manager must now contact the Referee In Chief and notify them of the change 24hrs in advance of game.
    1. Emails to be sent to [email protected] or call and leave a message number located here
    2. Details should include:.
Subject = Game Change (# xxxxxx) where xxxxxx is the game number assigned by district
Email Body = Original Game info:
Saturday, November 28th
Arnprior Peewee 2 @ Arnprior Peewee 1
9:30 am - 10:30 am
New Game info:
Wednesday, December 2nd
Arnprior Peewee 2 @ Arnprior Peewee 1
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Can you please ensure the officials schedules are updated.
c. Referee In Chief will respond letting you know your good and that they have notted the game has been rescheduled and that they will have refs for your game.
6. It is proper etiquette to email the visiting team as well to ensure they have the updated information (in writing).
7. On the day of the new game, ensure you verify 20 minutes before game start time that there are referees in the change room for your game.  If not, call Referee-in-Chief number located  within the "Contact" area of the website.