Reschedule Games (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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How to Reschedule Games: 
The purpose of this is to ensure managers know how to reschedule games due to conflicts.

Before deciding which date to reschedule a game to, keep these factors in consideration:

  • At least 72 hours advance notice is required to reschedule a game. Weather conditions are the exception.

  • When possible, reschedule games within the same month or as close to the original date as possible.

  • Avoid three games in a row and four games in five days (back-to-back games, day off, then another set of back-to-back games).

  • Games scheduled prior to December 31st should be rescheduled prior to that date, unless necessary.

  • Games may be scheduled earlier than the original date. This is useful when a team gives plenty of notice ahead of an away tournament conflict. 

  • Rescheduling games should not be done simply for convenience nor because a team is missing a certain player. The regular season schedule is a set length, and it can be challenging to find mutually available ice that does not force a team to play too many games in a short period. Always use rescheduling a game as a last resort.

  1. Once a team is aware of a conflict with their teams schedules the manager of the home team must contact the manager of the visiting team and let them know they need to reschedule and ensure the visiting team is in agreement with a change.  How to contact an UOV Team Manager is Located below.

  2. Home manager must provide 2-3 ice times for the visiting team to choose from.

    • First use any of your appropriate practice ice times your team has (league games cannot start before 6pm on weekdays).  If you use a practice time the original game date and time now becomes a practice time for you – this way you are not loosing any ice time as you are purely swapping ice times.

    • If no acceptable practice ice times are available then contact the Ice Director for additional ice times.  Using this method your original game date may not be converted to a practice time.

  3. When the visiting team is okay with the date change you suggested the home manager must then complete the following form which will submit to our Ice Director and RIC to change the game within UOVMHL/AMHA website tools and notify RIC accordingly.

  4. It is proper etiquette to email the visiting team as well to ensure they have the updated information (in writing).

  5. On the day of the new game, ensure you verify 20 minutes before game start time that there are referees in the change room for your game.

How to Find a Manager Email
All associations have been asked to put Manager Emails within their individual team websites under "Player Roster".   


Here is a list of all the assocation websites, if any manager is not listed then reach out to that associations Convenor's or Registrar.  All the websites have "About Us", "Executives" to find that.

- Renfrew - 
- Barry's Bay -
- Pembroke -
- Petawawa -
- Eganville -
- Deep River -
- Muskrat -