Risk and Safety Policies (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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Risk and Safety Policies
The following are the policies established by either AMHA or HEO, or both, addressing topics that are associated to minor hockey activities that involve some degree of risk and safety elements and considerations. The AMHA members are expected to review and adhere to these policies adopted by the AMHA. If you have any questions in relation to these policies, please contact the Risk & Safety Management Director ([email protected]).

  • Portable Digital Device Policy (HEO 6.1)
  • Co-ed Dressing Room Policy (HEO 6.2)
  • Dressing Room Supervision Policy (HEO 6.24)
  • Dressing Room Protocol for Officials (HEO 6.24.1)
  • Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment Protection and Prevention Policy (HEO 6.3)
  • Supervision of Players Policy (HEO 6.4)
  • Mandatory Equipment Policy (AMHA)
  • Spectator Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy (HEO 6.44)
  • Hazing Policy (HEO 6.8)
  • Outdoor Rink Usage Policy (HEO 6.10)
  • Anti-Doping & Control Policy (HEO 6.32)
  • Alcohol, Drug & Cannabis Policy (HEO 6.45)
  • Nick Smith Facility Protocols (AMHA)