Goalie Affiliation (Arnprior Minor Hockey Association)

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Regarding Goalie and Player Affiliation 
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8. Affiliated Players (AP)

The purpose of affiliation, per Hockey Canada:

To provide an opportunity for higher Division or Category Teams to dress the maximum number of Players allowable for a game in accordance with the Playing Rules. (2020-2021 HC Regulations App F. Page 84).

Affiliation is a game-related process. Players do not need to be affiliated to practice with a higher Division or Category team, provided they are duly rostered at the lower Division or Category.  AMHA U11 House can practice with U11 Rep.   U11 Rep can practice with U15 House or Rep.   U9 Tier 3 or 4 can practice with U11 House or Rep.

All Hockey Canada rules and regulations will apply, with the following local standards. All HEO Minor teams will use the 19-player affiliation list. Once affiliated on the 19-player list, a player may not play as an affiliate with another team in the same Category until such time as their affiliation rights have been formally released, according to the process defined in the team’s District or Association. All teams shall add affiliates to their official roster.  AMHA U15 House Team #1 has a roster of 15 players includes goalie for the season, they can AP an additional 4 players bringing their roster to 19.  John Smith who is in U13 House decides to AP for U15 House Team #1, they can not AP for U15 House Team #2 or U13 Rep.

A player’s affiliation may only be broken by releasing and re-signing that player from his/her registered team. That action breaks all affiliations, and the release must be completed before Jan. 10 of a given season.

Competitive Levels below AAA and House League
a. Competitive teams below AAA will affiliate within their appropriate District or Association, as defined by District policies and according to Hockey Canada Regulations. Players may not affiliate outside of their District below AAA.

b. House League players may only affiliate to the lowest Competitive level for their Association. Competitive players may not affiliate to House League teams.  AMHA U13 Rep can not AP to U13 House

c. House League teams will affiliate within the residential Association to which they belong. U9 Tier 1 is treated as a Competitive level and Tiers 2,3, and 4 will map to House A, B, and C in other Divisions.  AMHA only has Tier 3(A) and Tier 4(B).

d. Each District and Association may determine the documentation necessary for affiliation for house league players, however, at the minimum, there would be a written agreement between the two coaches (an email would suffice), ensuring that the applicable home association registrar and the applicable association Convenor are in the list of addressees.

Game limits
Goalies will only count games in which they participate and not as backup. At all other levels, skaters may affiliate to a maximum of 15 games with each team. Only regular season and playoff games count towards this total. Goalies have no limit on affiliated games.

Should a player’s affiliation to one team be broken and replaced by another team, the affiliation game count resets to zero. If the player’s affiliation rights are returned to a prior affiliating team in the same season, then the game count will continue to increment from where it was reset. For example, Player A is affiliated to Team X and plays 5 games. They are then affiliated to Team Y. The game count resets to zero and begins again. If Player A changes affiliation back to Team X, his game count restarts where it left off, at 5 games played. It will be the affiliating team’s responsibility to manage the player’s affiliation game count.

Deadline Dates
The deadline for adding affiliates to any roster is Feb. 15 of any given season, except for Regional/National Championship levels which have a deadline of Jan. 15 of any given season. Other key dates will still apply (Jan. 10 for releases, Feb. 10 for final playeradditions).

a) Suspensions are to be served with the lower category team, regardless of which team the player incurred the suspension with. 

b) A coach cannot deny a player the opportunity to establish an affiliation with a higher level team.

c) As a general rule, no replacement can be made for any ill or injured players by a player of the same Division and Category. The only exception to this rule is the emergency replacement of a goaltender from the same or a lower division and category when no affiliated goalie is available. The replacement must come from within the same District. Written permission must be obtained from the District Chairman (or designate).

d) A player affiliating to a higher age classification may play below his letter classification at the higher age level except for affiliating to the house “C” level where this level is for developmental purposes. This paragraph refers to House League only.

U7 Program
9.1 All minor hockey Associations under the jurisdiction of HEO must provide evidence to verify that they are complying with HEO’s policy on the development of U7 level players. Initiation level players are not permitted to play hockey at a higher age level.

9.2 All minor hockey Associations in HEO must follow the U7 Program Policy as described in the HEO policy 6.16 for U7 found here: http://www.hockeyeasternontario.ca/docs/6.16%20U7%20Program%20Policy.pdf

U9 Program
10.1 No players registered at a U7 level may affiliate to any higher age classification during the current season.

10.2 All minor hockey Associations in HEO must follow the U9 Program Policy as described in the HEO policy for U9 found here: http://www.hockeyeasternontario.ca/docs/HEO_U9_Policy.pdf